Sustainability and Electric Rechargeable Lighters

Did you know that the method you use to light your candles, cigarettes, or BBQs could be eco-friendly? Most don’t, but sustainability is all of our responsibility, and relying on the right electric rechargeable lighter is going to be one of the best ways that you can do your part for the earth!

What does an electric lighter offer?

It seems strange to hear these two worlds together since so many people attribute them to lighting a fire (such as out in the wilderness), but it’s a really neat and smart way to look at the future of lighters. Traditional lighters use gas, often butane, to give them their power. You flick the switch and the gas combusts into a flame. With electric rechargeable lighters, however, there is a carefully controlled electric current that you can use the same way, with the same result, but without the need for gas!  

How is an electric lighter sustainable?

As many people already know, electric power comes from coal, which is not considered sustainable when it comes to energy. However, this lighter is still considered sustainable, whether you use it daily or just occasionally in the event of a power outage, for the following reasons.

  • It can be used over and over again: One of the huge perks to this, especially in reducing single-use waste is that this is specifically designed and intended to be used over and over again. It just needs to be recharged and then it’s good to go as if it were entirely brand new!
  • It can be recharged from natural power: Just because it recharges via a USB device doesn’t mean that you have to go with classic electricity. With all of the potential for solar power and wind power, something as low wattage as this lighter can easily be recharged with these alternative sources for a truly eco-friendly, sustainable option.
  • There’s no gas needed: This is the nugget right here when you compare your normal historical lighters to the modern and innovative ones that are waiting for you to take advantage of them. This does not need gas, allowing you to focus entirely on natural energy with no need to get into it. Yet, it’s still entirely effective!
While not many people would think of something as specific as a lighter when it comes to sustainable decisions, there is a lot to be said for its potential and power when you want to make every decision a wise and smart one.  
When you are looking for a way to do your part for the earth, it just might be the best idea to start by doing what you can to make yourself as sustainable as possible through the everyday accessories that are contributing to single-use waste -- like lighters! Whether you use these to light a fire, candles, BBQ, or stoves, every time you use this one is going to be another step forward into an eco-friendly future.